Dollars and Sense-Financial Literacy At Your Finger Tips

Making thoughtful and informed decisions about your personal finances is an essential step in achieving your family's goals and dreams. The Barbados Co-operative & Credit Union League Ltd. has created a self-study component to their financial literacy programme for Credit Union Members.

Here we will post various brochures which will focus on the Credit Union Principles and Philosophy as well as developing and building Financial Security.

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Download this file (10 Credit Union Operating Principles.pdf)10 Credit Union Operating Principles.pdf[Credit Unions are people working together to achieve a better life for themselves and their community. We help members achieve financial success by following 9 unique International Operating Principles. ]17340 kB
Download this file (BCCUL Dollars and Sense Balancing Act 2020 (Digital).pdf)BCCUL Dollars and Sense Balancing Act 2020 (Digital).pdf[Budgeting is an essential step in achieving financial success. This leaflet introduces you to the basics of budgeting, we've included a worksheet to assist you with getting started. Contact your Credit Union for assistance with your personal budget]1464 kB
Download this file (Dollars and Sense Avoiding Pitfalls (Digital).pdf)Dollars and Sense: Avoiding Pitfalls-Understanding and Managing Credit[Your Credit Union is here to help you manage your personal finances. From budgeting, to managing credit to making wise investments – we’re here to guide you. ]397 kB
Download this file (Dollars and Sense My Credit Union My Success 2020.pdf)Dollars and Sense: My Credit Union, My Success: Setting Financial Goals[One of the reasons that Credit Unions exist is to help their members become financially savvy and independent contributors to their lives and the wider society.]408 kB
Download this file (The Credit Union Difference.png)The Credit Union Difference[Do you know what makes Credit Unions different from other financial institutions? Take a look at the unique values and core beliefs that guide Credit Unions in their efforts to develop financially secure members. ]514 kB
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